White Water Safety and Rescue Course

The group inspecting a feature

On the weekend of the 16th April, five of us from CUCC headed to North Wales to complete a White Water Safety and Rescue Course on the Dee. The course included the development of both personal safety and survival skills as well as how to get others out of trouble and prevent problems in the first place.

National Student Rodeo 2016

Jen winning the women's expert category!

Mention the National Student Rodeo to any paddler who has experienced one and you will quickly get an idea of what a crazy event it is. The combination of kayaking, a white-water course, hundreds of students, two nights of partying and a new theme (this year’s being ‘Christmas’) seems to be unbeatable in making for an awesome weekend.

2* Assessments

Congrtulations to the 9 CUCC paddlers who completed their 2* award on Sunday. Training sessions have been running through out Lent term so everyone has showed lors of commitment to complete the award. 2* required all our paddlers to master both canoes and kayaks and demosntrate a range of skills to show they could manouver the boat in all directions, paddle efficiently and carry out effective rescues.

If you're interested in learning to kayak CUCC will be runnning a beginners course in Easter term.

Tees White Water Trip

Paddlers on the Tees

Everybody knows that kayaking is not a warm sport, not in the UK anyway. We rely on heavy rain and a cold winter to get decent levels in this country. This weekend we were also greeted by the ferocious storm Imogen as we headed up North to Teesdale in unbelievable winds. Despite the freezing temperatures, 13 of us braved the weather and put on the Lower Tees early on Saturday morning. The Lower Tees was a perfect warm up for the weekend, some easy grade 2/3 sections with one grade 4 section called Abbey Rapids, which only claimed one victim!

Nottingham Trip - Jan 2016

The morning was mild, the Trent river levels had dropped so the course was open, the promise of white-water meant the coaches and beginners alike were raring to go….what could go wrong? A flat tyre and a temporarily broken inlet gate later proved the answer to that was ‘quite a lot’, but both failed to detract from what was still a great trip.