Come and Try It - Easter 2015

We held our Easter Come and Try it on Sat 2nd May. 120 people tried out kayaking and found out more about the club. Hoepfully there will be lots of new members joining the club and taking part in the beginners course we're running throughout Easter term.

White Water Safety And Rescue Training

Towards the end of March I headed up to North Wales along with Witty, Michael G, Martin and Forbes, to spend a weekend doing our Whitewater Safety and Rescue Training. The weekend promised to be a cold and wet one, but not without its' fun. We spent the first day above 'The Chipper' on the Tryweryn, practicing our rescue of swimmers using reaching and throwing aids as well as some live bait rescues, involving leaping into the water to rescue a swimmer whilst tethered to your partner by a rope.

CUCC at National Student Rodeo 2015

We entered the fantastic National Student Rodeo 2015 - a massive thank you to Luucc, River Legacy and everyone else who helped and organised it. There's some videos of the Cambridge paddlers to sort later - but in the meantime here's the amazing University of DamX: NSR Safety Team trying to rescue a banana!!

North Wales 2015

Here's North Wales from a few weeks ago. A cold weekend, but still lacking in water, however even though we "only" did the Tryweryn and Dee, I think a good weekend was still had by all. Pushing people onto slightly harder rapids, resulted in me leading down Bala Mill Falls, and then more successfully down the Serpents Tail - before finishing with me getting a face washing on Town Falls!

Dartmoor 2014

So 15 of us from Cambridge University Canoe Club, headed down to Dartmoor for the weekend of the 21/22/23 of Nov. Despite some low water levels, we managed to have everyone out on the Dart Loop both mornings (plus a quick exploratory walk up and paddle down the Webburn); 10 of our more experienced members then headed for a exciting Upper trip on Saturday afternoon; and our 6 least tired paddlers managed a blast down the Teign on the way home on Sunday. A great, but tiring weekend, even with low water.