North Wales Trip Nov 2015

As we all well know, the UK is the rainiest place in the entire world. As kayakers, we are faced with the eternal problem that every time we want to go paddling, this customary rain disappears leaving just enough time for all the decent rivers to completely empty out before we arrive at our destination. Weekend after weekend we resign ourselves to paddling the few rivers that are runnable without rain (Dee, Tryweryn, Low Force, Usk, Wye…). Some pray, others dance, others sing all in an effort to secure some bloody rain so that we can paddle something interesting for a change!

Orteon Mere Slalom

5 of us went to Proteus Canoe Club's winter mini slalom last weekend. Everyone had a great time and we even managed to leave with a few prizes. Check out the video below to see us in action.

CUCC Beginners Trip 2015

Getting ready to get on the water

On the last weekend of October a group of 22 paddlers headed up to South Wales to go boating. For many of the paddlers this would be their first ever time paddling on whitewater so we were hoping for decent water levels. Unfortunately, due to a lack of sufficient rain almost everything in the area was quite low, but we stuck with the original plan and paddled the River Usk from Sennybridge to Aberbran bridge, a classic section of grade 2 with three grade 2+/3 ledge drops on the way down.

2* Assessments

X Rescue for 2* Assessment

On Saturday 7th November, three brave CUCC members turned up to do their 2* assessment. They were tested on a range of intermediate skills in both Canoe an kayak including moving sideways, looking after a group and preventing a capsize. They also had to show effective and efficient rescues of our live casualty Anthony who jumped in time and time again to act as a victim. Two hours later and we had three happy newly qualified 2* paddlers. Congratulations on passing to Jen Mcgaley, Kai Wohlfahrt and Andrew Witty!

Beginners Courses Michaelmas 2015

On Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th October we ran two very full beginner's courses. It was great to see so many new paddlers out on the water and taking an interest in the club. After a day of learning skills and a mini-assessment everyone did a spraydeck test, chilly but worth it! And there were almost 30 BC 1* passes awarded. I hope to see many of the paddlers from the beginner's course on our whitewater prep session this weekend, upcoming WW trips, pool, polo and general sessions.