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Documents and Policies

This page is currently under construction. This page contains links to all of CU Canoe Clubs documents and policies. It is to some extent an index. Safety ===== * [Risk Assesssment]( * [Safety Policy]( * Come and Try it Form * [Rules of the Cam]( * Blank Risk Assessment for acitivites not covered by existing policy (pdf) ( word) * [Sensible Drinking and Initiations]( * [Trip Registration]( * [Paddler Experience Record]( - All members taking on a leadership or coaching role must have completed * [Incident Report Form](), [Reporting Guide lines]( - [Sports Department Incident form]( * [Insurance Information](, [BC Insurance Site]( Further Info [Water Bourne Disease](, [Duty of care]( Governance ========= * [Constituition]( * [The Committee]( * [Committee Roles]( * [Disciplinary Procedures]( * [Privacy Statement]( * [Club Equity Statement]( * [Participant Code of Conduct]( * [Coach and Volunteer Code of Conduct]( * [Blues Criteria]( * [Club Welfare Policy](/club/welfare-policy) Finance ======= * [Payments]( * [Coaching Subsidy]( * [Coaching Subsidy Form]( * Car and Van damage policy * [Reimbursements and Expenses Policy]( Equipment ========= The safety policy has important information with regard safety management and equipment. * [Personal Kit]( * [Kit Advice]( * Equipment Damage * [Club Keys](