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Varsity 2010

WWR: 28th-29th November 2009. Men – Cambridge, Women – Cambridge Marathon: 8th May 2010. Men – Oxford, Women – Oxford Canoe Polo: 8th May 2010. Men – Oxford, Women – Oxford Freestyle: 9th May 2010. Men – Oxford, Women – Oxford ## Marathon The marathon race was held on the River Cam, running from just upstream of the Fen Causeway up to Grantchester and back, once for ladies and twice for men. The ladies event could have gone either way. A very strong race from Cambridge’s Alison Galloway put her in 1st place. However 2nd, 3rd and 4th placed Oxford competitors led to a narrow Oxford victory on points. In the men’s race, a strong Oxford team managed to take the victory. ## Polo The polo matches were also held on the Cam, alongside Jesus Green. The men’s team started off well, with strong defending from both sides. Oxford managed to seize a goal, leaving the score 1-0 at half time. Unfortunately Cambridge fell apart in the second half, leading to an 8-0 loss, a disappointing end to an otherwise successful season. The closely fought ladies match eventually came to a 4-2 loss. ## WWR The White Water Race was held at the River Washburn alongside the BUCS WWR event. Cambridge’s men’s team of Rich Hendron, Rob Anderson and Ian Dumolo put in a very impressive performance, coming in 2nd overall and beating Oxford by 16 points to 10. A strong race from Alison Galloway, Hannah Salter and Hayley Sharp put the ladies team in 7th place overall. This led to a convincing 9-1 points victory over Oxford. ## Freestyle The freestyle event has not run for several years, so it was good to see it make a return. It was held at the artificial white water course at Holme Pierrepont, Nottingham. The more experienced Oxford paddlers took the victory.