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Britsh Canoeing Liability Insurace

Members of CUCC are covered by the British Canoeing insurance when on club acitivities. More details are here

Purchasing personal membership of the British Canoeing will extend this to all your Canoeing activities.

This cover is for combined libaility only, though it does include member to member cover. It is not personal accident cover, nor does it cover theft or damage of kit.

Reporting and Incident

Some incidents need to be reported to the insureres. The guide lines for this are here

Personal Accident Cover

CUCC does not provide personal accident cover. If you paddle abroad you should take out insurance for health care costs and ensure that its with a provider that covers the types of paddling you are doing - check the small print. Discuss with other paddlers who have paddled abroad or on the alps trip.

Kit Insurance

The club maintains insurance for club kit but this does not extend to personal kit. You can get your own insurance from various suppliers but the simplest is as an add on to personal British Canoeing Membership. To be valid insurance often specifies how your boat should be stored, it is your responsibility to meet this requirement. Remember the club will accept no liability for personal kit stored on the site.