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CUCC Disciplinary Policy - Under Development

We wish to ensure that all members of CUCC can enjoy participating in our activities. However in the unfortunate event that the actions of some members threaten the safety, enjoyment or well being of other members we will take action to resolve this.


  • Please address complaints in the first instance to the President. If you do not feel that this is appropriate then please send them to secretary.
  • If neither of the above are suitable please address your complaints to the Senior Treasurer
  • The committee will keep the complaint confidential. Where possible the information will be restricted to the smallest number of people and where it needs to be escalated to the full committee, may be anonymised.


  • Where a members actions fall short of those expected ( Code of conduct ) we will first try to resolve this informally, by making clear what is expected and how they have fallen short.
  • If the actions persist or the complaint is of a serious safe guarding or safety issue then the committee may agree that formal sactions are required. This may take the form of a suspension from club activities.
  • We may also require refresher training and may re assess the scope of activities the individual can lead.
  • The committee will ensure that all parties to a complaint can put forward their version of events for consideration.
  • If the behaviour of a member of the club is likely to bring the Club, sport or University into disrepute then the Committee may reluctantly decide that it has to expel that individual.

  • The CUCC disciplinary policy is under pinned by the club's consititution:

    "The Committee may, however, expel any member of the Club for behaviour likely to bring the Club, sport, or University into disrepute. This requires a vote in favour by a two thirds majority of the Committee members present at a CCM (see section 4 (iii))"

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